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What is The Scout Project?

The Scout Project is all about using merit badges to reward yourself for learning something new, to celebrate what you already love, or to honor someone else.

Who can participate?

Everyone! This is an all-inclusive community of curious-minded people. We celebrate each other's achievements, big or small, and we look for adventure anywhere we can find it, from our backyards to the backwoods. 

Are there badge requirements?

These badges are meant to support goals you set or to reward others in your life. This project is all what you make it. If you want some inspiration, you can join the Badge of the Month Club.

Who is behind the project?

I'm Libby Zay, a Baltimore-based writer and all-around curious person. I created The Scout Project for all the people out there who (like me!) want to keep learning and trying new things.

Let’s be clear: The Scout Project is not affiliated with World Organization of the Scout Movement or the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. This is an independent project.